Marinduque, live na live sa PTV Channel 4

Fellow Marinduquenos and friends, please watch PTV Channel 4 tomorrow September 1, 2014 | 8:00AM onwards as Marinduque will be featured in the segment, Good Morning Boss dubbed as “Let’s make Marinduque your next destination”.

The island province is a heart-shaped Eden of sand, sea, mountains, and falls – all you could ever hope for in an island vacation.

About eleven miles away from the island of Luzon is a heart shaped piece of land (370 square miles) surrounded by the clear deep blue sea – Marinduque. It is the geo-physical center of the Philippines, hence dubbed as “The Heart of the Philippines”. It is the smallest province in the southern Tagalog Region.

The island is made famous by the annual Moriones Festival but it has a lot more to offer the curious.

Get ready to be awestricken by the charming old Spanish houses, beautiful churches, pristine white sand beaches, bewildering caves, relaxing sulfur hot springs, undisturbed pristine islands and spectacular sea and mountain views.

The raw beauty of the island and a jampacked itinerary are the things that Marinduque offers to its visitors. Indeed a treasure trove of exquisite natural beauty.

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Marinduque News

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Marinduque News

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