Marinduque Itinerary: Round Trip Marinduque Travel and Tour

Round Trip Marinduque Travel and Tour
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*Day Time Activities
Thu 7:00PM Pick up time
8:00AM Departure in Manila
Fri | Day 1 12:00AM Arrival in Dalahican Port
6:00AM Departure in Balanacan Port, Mogpog
6:30AM Balanacan Shrine
7:00AM Balanacan View Deck
8:00AM Arrival in hotel with surprise
8:30AM Breakfast
10:30AM Free time: relaxation, swimming and nap
12:00PM Lunch
1:30PM Boac National Museum
2:30PM Our Lady of Biglang Awa Cathedral
3:00PM Laylay Port
3:30PM Gasan Butterfly Farm
4:30PM St. Joseph Chruch
5:00PM Sunset over Tres Reyes Island
6:00PM Dinner in a local restaurant in Gasan
7:00PM Back to the hotel
Sat | Day 2 6:00AM Breakfast
7:00AM Pick up time
8:00AM Drop by in Elephant island, Buenavista
9:00AM Malbog Hot Spring
9:30AM Malindig View
11:00AM Luneta Park, Torrijos
11:30AM Poctoy White Beach, Torrijos
12:00PM Lunch
1:30PM Free time: swimming, relaxation
4:30PM Arrival in Buyabod Port
5:30PM Maniwaya Island
6:00PM Dinner
Sun | Day 3 6:00AM Breakfast
7:00AM Palad Sand Bar
9:00AM Ungab Rock Formation
11:00AM Going back to Maniwaya Island
12:00PM Lunch
1:00PM Preparation
2:00PM Arrival in Balanacan Port
3:00PM Sta. Church and Pasalubong, Sta. Cruz, Town proper
4:00PM Departure in Sta.Cruz
5:30PM Arrival in Balanacan Port
6:30PM Departure of Roro
10:00PM Arrival in Dalahican Port
2:00AM Arrival in Manila

*Day varies depending on the requested travel period.
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