Going Back in Time: Old Houses in Marinduque

Wonderful and charming old houses of Marinduque

Habang abala ang karamihan sa pagkuha ng mga imahe ng iba’t ibang angulo at mukha ng mga Moryon, ibinahagi naman ni Amir O. Abad, isang rehistradong nurse ang kanyang mga kuhang larawan sa mga nagagandahang lumang tahanan sa Marinduque.

Ayon sa kanya “Marinduque has the most old houses of all places I have visited in the Philippines. Some are beautifully restored and all are still occupied.”

The wonderful and charming old houses of Marinduque

Nabisita o napasok mo na ba isa man sa mga lumang tahanang ito?

Thank you so much Amir for sharing your great works.
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  1. Hello Sniper51277, great catch. Badly need a good eye like you. Title has been corrected. This blogsite is open for constructive feedback and suggestion. Happy Holiday!

  2. Some pictures where taken from Gasan as well not only in Boac. You title should not be " Going Back in Time: Old Houses in Boac, Marinduque but Going Back in Time: Old Houses in , Marinduque. The first old house and the third one are from Gasan.

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