MSC joins INC ‘Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty’

BOAC, Marinduque – In the spirit of solidarity, Marinduque State College (MSC) headed by SUC President II, Dr. Merian P. Catajay-Mani, Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Verna Liza L. Capiña and Vice President for Administration and Finance Dr. Diosdado P. Zulueta joined the simultaneous ‘Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty’ by brethren’s in Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) on Sunday, May 6.

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Participants wear their sweetest smiles and heart of unity, dedication and inspiration as they walk a total of 1,600 meters from Boac Morion Arena to Boac covered court. The worldwide walk to fight poverty is an attempt for another Guinness World Record by Iglesia Ni Cristo dubbed as Largest Charity Walk on Multiple Venues.

“That was a worthy participation, we enjoyed the walk and observed how organized and disciplined the INC group. We enjoin our INC brethren in this noble cause”, said Dr. Merian Mani on a spot interview.

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John Mark G. Forcado

John Mark G. Forcado is a junior correspondent of Marinduque News Network and currently working as media representative at Marinduque State College-Office of Media and International Affairs. He is a former regional coordinator of College Editors Guild of the Philippines Southern Tagalog. JM is a native of Odiongan, Romblon.

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