Day two episode of Boac quadricentennial web series goes live

BOAC, Marinduque — Marinduque State College (MSC) once again went live as they launch day two episode of their web series on November 1, 2022.

Day 2 episode featured Engr. Edgardo Laririt of Kabalikat Civicom, Architect Maynard Muji of Land Use Development and Infrastructure Plan (LUDIP) and MSC Heritage, and Architect Roy Manrique of Marinduque National High School as guest-speakers.

Said episode focused on the historical memories of the past, as well as upgrades in the existing infrastructures of MSC and Marinduque National High School (MNHS).

The episode began with a reminiscing of events that transpired in 1 de Nobyembre Street hundreds of years ago.

Engr. Laririt entered storytelling mode as he shared historical facts which were recorded by former councilor Hon. Miguel Magalang’s research; while emphasizing the value of transfer of (historical) knowledge.

When asked about his organization’s efforts to preserve history, he responded that their organization conducts annual activities such as processions and/or torch parades to commemorate Boac’s history and remember the town’s fallen local heroes.

Laririt also added that many of their members were educators who teach learners about the history of Boac and Marinduque.

Day 2 episode also covered a brief history of Marinduque State College and the plans for the improvement of the school’s infrastructure.

Architect Maynard Muji walked the audience down memory lane, as well as bringing them forth to the future of MSC.

During his talk, he highlighted the importance of sustainable heritage as evidenced by the school’s plans to develop their old engineering building into a working museum. This was said to be in addition to the existing plans of expanding the school and upgrading its buildings.

When asked about the reason for the planned changes, Ar. Muji said that structure stability in relation to the life span of buildings was the main consideration.

He explained that there was a strong need to demolish old buildings and construct new ones not only to accommodate the growing population of the school but to also ensure the safety of the students, the faculty and school administrators.

Similar to MSC, MNHS had started making plans to revitalize their school by making improvements in the school’s infrastructure and facilities.

In the last section of the Day 2 episode, Ar. Manrique visually presented the MNHS Site Development Plan.

Manrique enumerated a number of improvements for implementation such as creating a pathway across the buildings, widening entrance and exit points, creating a roundabout and driveway and constructing a new Alumni Building, etc.

When asked about these upgrades, he said that the goal of Marinduque National High School was to build structures that are conducive to children. —

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