DOST-Mimaropa provides robotics and mechatronics kit to schools in Palawan

To keep up with the rapidly changing and technology-driven world, providing students with advanced technological capabilities and information has become integral to their education. This initiative prepares and equips them in facing and addressing many challenges in society, economy, and globalization that require technological and scientific innovations.

Marinduque, 40 other provinces to experience dry spell – Pagasa

MANILA, Philippines – Several areas in the country are experiencing the impact of a weak El Niño. In Metro Manila, residents carrying all kinds of water containers are patiently queuing up just to catch the fire brigades’ water rations, even spending five hours or more or even overnight. This is because water supply in La Mesa Dam is quickly drying up and augmentations from Angat and Ipo Dams are still under negotiations. The effects of El Niño are something that concern not only the farmers but almost all households in…