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The island province is a heart-shaped Eden of sand, sea, mountains, and falls – all you could ever hope for in an island vacation. It is the smallest province in the southern Tagalog Region with only 6 towns, namely: Boac, Buenavista, Gasan, Mogpog, Sta. Cruz and Torrijos.


The province of Marinduque was ranked number 1 by the Philippine National Police and Philippine Security Forces as the 2013 Most Peaceful Province of the country due to its low crime rate statistics alternately ranking with the province of Batanes yearly. Furthermore, for almost 200 years, the province is home to one of the oldest religious festivals of the country, the Moriones celebrated annually every Holy Week.


Get ready to be awestricken by the charming old Spanish houses, beautiful churches, pristine white sand beaches, bewildering caves, relaxing sulfur hot springs, undisturbed pristine islands and spectacular sea and mountain views. The raw beauty of the island and a jampacked itinerary are the things that Marinduque offers to its visitors. Indeed a treasure trove of exquisite natural beauty.


Marinduque comprises of 6 municipalities, further subdivided into 218 barangays. A single legislative district encompasses all towns.



The Municipality of Boac, is a 1st class municipality, and capital of the province of Marinduque. It is the home to most of the province’s commercial businesses.

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The Municipality of Buenavista, is the smallest, once-forgotten town but the most scenic place in Marinduque where the Malindig volcano looms.

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The Municipality of Gasan is bounded by the provincial capital. It is the second-oldest municipality in Marinduque, after Boac. Residents of Gasan are called Gaseños.

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The Municipality of Mogpog is home of the famous ‘Moriones Lenten Rites’. This tradition is known to be one of the most colorful occasion in Marinduque and the Philippines.

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Santa Cruz

The Municipality of Santa Cruz is a 1st class and coastal municipality in the island of Marinduque. It is the home of Holy Cross Parish, the oldest church in the province.

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History tells us that the Municipality of Torrijos has a vast plain noted for its rich natural beauties and abundant resources. It is the home of Poctoy White Beach.

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Majestic mt. malindig

Aside from the beaches and islands, subterranean wonders, and heritage sites, Marinduque also has something for those into hiking.

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The island province of Marinduque is underrated. It deserves so much love for the variety of natural, cultural, and historical treasures it harbors.


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