Hayden, Charity Begins at Home

WHY INDIA? – Read in an article in Manila Bulletin, written by Michael Joe T. Delizo, that Hayden Kho wants to serve the “poorest of the poor” in India. (His medical license was recently reinstated by the Professional Regulation Commission, earlier revoked because of his sex video.)

My dear Hayden, you don’t have to go to India to serve the “poorest of the poor.” You don’t have to go that far. In this country, countless are in need of medical attention, including your home province, Marinduque.

Leave India to the nuns of Mother Teresa, Missionaries of Charity, who has two mission homes in Tondo, one for children and another for the aged.

Remember Hayden, charity begins at home.

FORGIVE AND – I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. Leave Hayden alone, let him go on with his life. Even Katrina Halili has said she wished Hayden well.
Remember that Katrina suffered most because of that sex video scandal, yet she’s learned to forgive…and probably forget.

But is it true that Hayden has yet to apologize to Katrina?

If I remember right, Hayden did apologize to Katrina in public. In private, don’t really know.

No matter, Katrina showed the true meaning of Christian faith by forgiving and wishing Hayden well.

NOTHING WRONG – As regard to being the “most hated man” in the country, don’t think so. Even at the height of that sex video scandal, Hayden had his defenders and supporters, especially Dr. Vicki Belo.
In the Manila Bulletin article, Hayden was quoted as saying he and the good doctora haven’t gotten back together.

And if they do, nothing wrong with it. Look, Hayden is single and Vicki’s marriage to Atom Henares has long been annulled.

With Hayden’s renewed faith in God, Vicki can start trusting him. She’s always loved Hayden.

Dr. Hayden Kho came back from London where he attended a short program on Christian Apologetics at Oxford. He’s a follower of pastor Ravi Zacharias. Hayden says that in the pastor he found “answers to most of my questions” and gained the “sense of peace and security.”

Source and courtesy: Ronald Constantino, Entertainment Tempo
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