Listahan ng mga apektadong establisyemento sanhi ng sunog sa Boac

Narito ang ‘unofficial’ na talaan ng mga commercial establishment at kabahayan (in alphabetical order) na naapektuhan ng sumiklab na sunog kaninang umaga, Hulyo 2 sa bayan ng Boac, Marinduque:

  1. Aliño’s Store
  2. Apostol Rice Dealer Outlet
  3. Beabianca’s Printing Press and General Merchandise
  4. Chuwing Panciteria
  5. Dr. Modesto Santos (former pharmacy)
  6. Fujifilm
  7. GSat
  8. IRM Church
  9. Lim New Building
  10. Maharlikang Tahanan ni Pedro Lardizabal (Don Perroco) former site of Lighthouse Maritime School
  11. Meling (Deogracias) Lim House
  12. Recalde’s Residence
  13. Roque-Enriquez House
  14. Rowena’s Beauty Parlor
  15. Sisi Mirafuente House
  16. St. Rose of Lima Clinic
  17. Ven Mar School Supplies
  18. Venchito Chi General Merchandise
  19. Vergara
  20. Wordlink Computer Shop

This is an unofficial roster consolidated by Marinduque News Team. Please refresh for updates. Further, kindly comment if there are establishments affected that are not in the list.

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