Marinduque Quick Facts

The island province is a heart-shaped Eden of sand, sea, mountains, and falls – all you could ever hope for in an island vacation.
Marinduque known as “The Heart Shape Province in the Philippines”
About eleven miles away from the island of Luzon is a heart shaped piece of land (370 square miles) surrounded by the clear deep blue sea – Marinduque.  It is the geo-physical center of the Philippines, hence dubbed as “The Heart of the Philippines”.  It is the smallest province in the southern Tagalog Region with only 6 towns, namely: Boac, Buenavista, Gasan, Mogpog, Sta. Cruz and Torrijos.
The island is made famous by the annual Moriones Festival but it has a lot more to offer the curious.

Get ready to be awestricken by the charming old Spanish houses, beautiful churches, pristine white sand beaches, bewildering caves, relaxing sulfur hot springs, undisturbed pristine islands and spectacular sea and mountain views.

The raw beauty of the island and a jampacked itinerary are the things that Marinduque offers to its visitors. Indeed a treasure trove of exquisite natural beauty.

For most tourists who want to see the Moriones Festival, the best time to go to Marinduque is during the Lenten Season which usually starts in the Philippines at the last week of March or the first week of April.
Moriones Festival

Aside from the Moriones festival, there are more than enough reasons to explore the island.  It offers year-round attractions that are often left out in the tourist trail.  However, bear in mind that June-October are the rainy and typhoon-prone months.

  • Arriving by Air: Pasay City to Marinduque
    This option is temporarily unavailable. No airline servicing Manila-Marinduque route as of the date this post was published. Marinduque Airport is currently undergoing repair and maintenance.
  • Arriving By Land: Metro Manila to Lucena City
    There are public utility buses from Metro Manila that will take you to Grand Terminal, Lucena City where public utility jeepneys bound for Talao-Talao Pier are available.

    Buses with direct route to Talao-Talao Port specifically those with signboards “Lucena-Talao-Talao Pier” are also available. From Manila, you may took off at Buendia Terminal in Pasay City corner Taft Avenue. From Quezon City, get to Kamias Road Terminal corner EDSA or Ali Mall Terminal at Cubao. Available buses at said terminals are Jac Liner, Jam Transit , Lucena Lines and Dela Rosa Lines. Jac Liner, Inc., the biggest bus operator in Southern Tagalog, also offers direct route to Marinduque. For more details or reservations, you may contact Tel. # 02-404-2073 (Buendia Terminal) or Tel. # 02-927-6139 (Kamias Terminal).

    You can also bring or drive your own car or vehicle in going to Marinduque by boarding the Roll-on, roll-off sea ferries (Roro) when you reach the Talao-Talao Pier. Average travel time by land from Manila to Lucena City is three (3) hours.

  • Arriving by Sea: Lucena City to Marinduque
    At Talao-Talao Port, Roros of Montenegro Shipping Lines, Inc. and Star Horse Shipping Company bound for Balanacan Port, Mogpog are available. Travel time ranges from 3 to 4 hours for Roro. The ride costs Php 200 or might go up but will never exceed Php300.

    Upon reaching the Balanacan Port, there are public utility jeepneys and airconditioned vans waiting to take you to your destinations with signboards: Boac, Mogpog, Gasan, Buenavista, Sta. Cruz or Torrijos.


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      Round Trip Marinduque Travel and Tour
      Email add.: 
      Contact No.: 0977.649.4754
      *Day Time Activities
      Thu 7:00PM Pick up time (Cubao, Quezon City)
      8:00AM Departure in Manila
      Fri | Day 1 12:00AM Arrival in Dalahican Port
      6:00AM Departure in Balanacan Port, Mogpog
      6:30AM Balanacan Shrine
      7:00AM Balanacan View Deck
      8:00AM Arrival in hotel
      8:30AM Breakfast
      10:30AM Free time: relaxation, swimming and nap
      12:00PM Lunch
      1:30PM Boac National Museum
      2:30PM Our Lady of Biglang Awa Cathedral
      3:00PM Laylay Port
      3:30PM Gasan Butterfly Farm
      4:30PM St. Joseph Chruch
      5:00PM Sunset over Tres Reyes Island
      6:00PM Dinner in a local restaurant in Gasan
      7:00PM Back to the hotel
      Sat | Day 2 6:00AM Breakfast
      7:00AM Pick up time
      8:00AM Drop by in Elephant island, Buenavista
      9:00AM Malbog Hot Spring
      9:30AM Malindig View
      11:00AM Luneta Park, Torrijos
      11:30AM Poctoy White Beach, Torrijos
      12:00PM Lunch
      1:30PM Free time: swimming, relaxation
      4:30PM Arrival in Buyabod Port
      5:30PM Maniwaya Island
      6:00PM Dinner
      Sun | Day 3 6:00AM Breakfast
      7:00AM Palad Sand Bar
      9:00AM Ungab Rock Formation
      11:00AM Going back to Maniwaya Island
      12:00PM Lunch
      1:00PM Preparation
      2:00PM Arrival in Balanacan Port
      3:00PM Sta. Church and Pasalubong, Sta. Cruz, Town proper
      4:00PM Departure in Sta.Cruz
      5:30PM Arrival in Balanacan Port
      6:30PM Departure of Roro
      10:00PM Arrival in Dalahican Port
      2:00AM Arrival in Manila ((Cubao, Quezon City)

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