Marinduque Seeks Partnership with Ifugao for Cultural Preservation

Gov. Reyes together with some Marinduque and Benguet Officials
(Photo courtesy: Jhoanna Kris Sager)

Lagawe, Ifugao – The governor of Marinduque wants to build a partnership with the provincial government  of  Ifugao in the campaign  to  preserve the rich culture of the two provinces  in the face of  modernity and development.

Governor Carmencita Reyes and her team  visited  the province recently  and was apparently impressed with how the province preserved its culture.

“Marinduque will learn many things from Ifugao and of course, Ifugao will also get to experience Marinduque’s culture,” Reyes said.

Provincial Administrator Evelyn Dunuan and executive assistant Jovencio Dipia-o assured that the proposal of partnership will be delivered to Ifugao Governor Denis Habawel for proper action.

Reyes’ party visited the province for a cultural tour. The provincial government  of Ifugao entertained the visitors with a cultural musical ensemble performed by the Boliwong cultural group wherein Reyes lauded the province in its dedication to preserve and sustain its rich culture.

“We’ve been going around the Cordillera in search of something like this but it is here in Ifugao where we found this genuine, still intact culture. This is also what we want in Marinduque,” Reyes said.
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