Marinduque Shrine Pushed as Pilgrimage Site

Diocesan Shrine of Mahal na Birhen ng Biglang Awa in Boac, Marinduque
Marinduque Rep. Regina Ongsiako-Reyes has filed a bill seeking to declare the Diocesan Shrine of Mahal na Birhen ng Biglang Awa (Our Lady of Prompt Succor) in Boac, Marinduque as a pilgrimage site and tourist destination.

Ongsiako-Reyes said that with the proposed declaration, she hopes that the number of tourists and pilgrims participating in the feast of Our Lady of Prompt Succor on November 11 every year will significantly increase.

“This bill will greatly help boost the tourism industry not only in the municipality of Boac, but the whole province of Marinduque,” she said in filing House Bill 5730.

The feast of Our Lady of Prompt Succor takes place every year on Nov. 11. While, May 10 marks the celebration of Our Lady’s canonical coronation in 1958 and the establishment of the Diocesan Shrine in 2008.

“It is said by mid-1700s, an intense Battle between the Moro Pirates and the natives occurred. For four days, the locals stood firm on the vicious attacks from the buccaneers. On the fifth day due to starvation and lack of sleep, the people eventually lose hope and believed that only a miracle can save them. Oral history tells that as pirates are approaching the walls, an unknown woman who looks similar to the Our Lady of Immaculate Conception appeared by the walls of the Church,” Ongsiako-Reyes said.

“This apparition halted the advancing bandits from destroying the fortifications, causing the Moro pirates to immediately leave in fear. From then on, the locals called the image of the Holy Immaculate Conception as Birhen ng Biglang Awa as a reminder of the time when the locals were saved during their most desperate moment,” she said.

Courtesy: Charissa Luci-Manila Bulletin

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