Marinduque’s scenic bike loop

Considerable attention has been drawn to the exhilarating biking escapades awaiting adventurers in this province. However, the allure of Marinduque’s bike loop lies in its ability to tailor the experience to each rider’s unique preferences.

For those seeking an elevated challenge, the clockwise route presents a journey along the national road, venturing through mountainous terrain from Mogpog to Sta. Cruz, traversing rolling hills to Torrijos, and tracing a picturesque coastal path toward Buenavista. The expedition continues, leading through flatter landscapes and into the bustling thorough fares of Gasan and Boac.

The Marinduque Loop offers a great biking destination, with steady climbs, rewarding downhills and lots of scenic spots. (📸: Probinsya Photography)

On the flip side, the counter-clockwise route presents a gentler voyage, suited for novices and those wanting a more relaxed ride. Here, gradual inclines intersperse with gratifying descents, weaving an inviting tapestry for newcomers to the biking realm.

For those seeking cross-country thrill, the Boac-Gasan-Torrijos road emerges as an option—a shorter distance brimming with steep elevations and invigorating challenges. Alternatively, the coastal road beckons with its extended journey along the Buenvasita-Lipata-Dampulan-Tigwi route. While longer, this path offers panoramic vistas that unfold as rewarding companions along the way.

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