Presenting, Rhythm and X’pressions Band of Gasan

Full and acoustic bands can’t only be found in Manila or cities. It can also find in Marinduque. Yes, you read it correctly. The band that I’m referring is the Rhythm and X’pressions which originates from Gasan and currently manage by Miriam Malapad.

Prior to the establishment of Rhythm and X’pressions, there were also some known bands in Gasan like Flashback and Negative Zero.

Way back 2014, the Rhythm and X’pressions Band was formed. Among the original members are Dan Eziekel Sajul (male vocalist), Kimberly Mingi (female vocalist), Romel Bantring (band leader and drummer), Jordi Sagad (keyboardist) and Jefrey Bayron Frayre (guitarist). Later on in 2016, the vocalist decided to leave the group and that position was replaced by Jhonar Arenas. By then, saxophonist Ronel Munghi joined the band.

Various gigs, sessions and events were performed by the band all over the province. In May this year, almost more than ten (10) gigs were booked and played due to its outstanding performances. Such of those are weddings, debut parties, reunions, and other related events.

The members have their own excellencies in relation to music. They all came from popular fields of music of different genres. They are supportive and cooperative with each other to share their extraordinary talents and to prove that Gaseños are indeed multi-talented and groovy.

Bookings can be made possible by contacting Miriam Malapad at 0998-843-3203 or by logging on to their Facebook Page.

Rhythm and X’pressions offers a very affordable talent fee. -Jonar Arenas, Contributor

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