Talumpati ni Duterte sa kaarawan ni Velasco

Dumalo si Pangulong Rodrigo Roa Duterte sa kaarawan ni Marinduque Lone District Representative Lord Allan Velasco na isinagawa nitong Nobyembre 23, 2017 sa Malago Clubhouse, PSG Compound, Malacanang Palace, Manila.

Kasabay nito ay nanumpa rin si Velasco bilang bagong miyembro ng Partido Demokratiko Pilipino – Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) kung saan si Duterte ang tumatayong chairman nito.

Narito ang kabuuan ng talumpati ni Pres. Duterte.

“Alam mo, kaka-landing ko lang. Eh kung mag-uwi pa ako ng bahay, malapit lang nga pero I have to wash.

And ‘pag nandoon na ako, medyo matagalan. Amoy pa ako ng bagoong kasi nag-boodle fight. [laughter] Eh alam mo naman ang sundalo maraming gulay. Ang kapareho niyan is bagoong.

So if I smell something like a fish, actually bagoong. [laughter] I was smelling my hand all throughout kung ‘di ako mangalisngaw.

May I be allowed to acknowledge the presence of the House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and the other members of the House of Representatives; [applause] Mabuhay kayo. Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea and the other members of the Cabinet; [applause] The other members of the Senate; Representative Lord Allan Velasco and his lovely wife Rowena Velasco [applause]; other distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant good evening to everyone.

Galit na galit ‘yung piloto kasi gabi na. He wanted to take off medyo may — eh maraming awardees eh.

This is the first time na nag-award ako ng medals. Karaming Gold Cross for bravery and wounded personnel. Almost 100 plus. So ‘yung pag-pin pa lang ng medal…

They requested me to wear this uniform kasi awarding nga. Gusto nila na makisama ka sa panahon. And I’m extremely happy really to be with the soldiers.

I have a prepared speech here. But it’s a one-page, almost greeting only to the celebrant, celebrator if you may. But marami akong sinabi doon sa mga sundalo.

And might as well also join me here in a dialogue, not a speech. It’s our consensus dito sa itaas that there will be some repercussions because of Marawi.

And I do not discount the possibility that it’s near around the corner. I really do not know the exact time. But they are regrouping and they will strike back.

But insofar as the sustainability of ISIS here because of our Muslim population. I have nothing about the Muslims. I myself is a Muslim descendant, my lola.

So pero medyo ano apprehensive kami and that is why I was talking to the senators, some of them are here, last night, that we have to rearm kasi ho ‘yung mga baril ng mga sundalo natin medyo loose na ‘yung bore pati ‘yung bolt bugbog na, and they can break down anytime during a battle.

I’m trying to figure out how I can get easily the arms kasi wala akong problema sa Amerika, wala akong problema kay Trump. We understand each other perfectly.

Ang problema si Amerika is the Congress and the State Department. You know it is a multiracial race — ‘yung multiracial.

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And even in the State Department, meron ‘yan silang mga dynamics diyan na kanya-kanya. Whoever is the head of this office or division about human rights, about cultural heritage, about everything. Everything that has to do with the human being, nandiyan sa UN.

Ang problema dito, even the State Department is in a topsy-turvy. For example, they go around and offer to the poorer nations assistance, aid. Ang problema naman it’s accompanied by a very irritating or disturbing statement that…

You know, if you can fix a same marriage law or legislation, parang ganun kadali na — [inaudible] fundamentally, most of us are really Christians.

Diyan pa lang sa babae pati lalaki, that’s just a rough sailing for everybody.

And not to mention or let alone the Civil Code, medyo mahirap tanggalin ‘yang… Maybe I should also state my stand now: I am against it.

It’s not our fault. It’s the fault of God why he had to create the woman. Eh kung lalaki puro, ‘di okay na. Mag-upakan na lang tayo, tayo-tayo lang.

That’s the problem. So ‘yung mga ganun na ano… Kung bibili ako sa Amerika, it would pass the scrutiny of Congress and the State Department.

Either way, meron talaga ‘yan silang — eh nauna ‘yung… I don’t know who generated the hatred for the Filipinos ‘yung sa amin, human rights, and everything.

Kaya ‘yung 22,000 na we badly needed. Kasi pino-project ko na noon — we projected this thing about the blowing up somewhere, but we were expecting doon banda sa Zamboanga Peninsula.

Not really Jolo, kasi maliit eh. Hindi namin akalain sa Marawi mismo. And it was not a failure really of intelligence of the Armed Forces or the Police.

It was a failure of the local governments. Kanila dapat ‘yun eh. They should have reported immediately. But you know, the nonchalant attitude of some guys there. “Simple, bahala ang gobyerno dito. Wala tayong pakialam diyan.”

Then all the while, there was already the buildup. Kaya ang totoo lang niyan even Secretary Esperon and the rest of the guys sa Moscow. A little bit ano sila nung sabi ko, “I’ll declare martial law.”

Sabi nila, “Medyo hindi pa natin na-assess na…” But you know, as I have said, I have some Moro relatives in Lanao del Sur and they were the ones feeding me the information na medyo lumalala dito.

So I had independently of — the intelligence data of sa military pati pulis. Ako mismo meron na akong duda. So when it — nung pumutok, I decided right there and then in Moscow to declare martial law.

Had I been late in declaring it, mga one week, mahihirapan talaga na tayo. They could have expanded the territory more, more in reinforcements and everything.

It is not the Marawi — Maute is just a family in Marawi. It’s the ISIS. And they are here in this planet to stay for quite some time.

How we deal with them, it is the corrupt way of not even believing, utilizing Islam. And we didn’t do it in the name of violence, killing people for nothing, and destroying everything for nothing.

That is not Islam. I tell you. Wala kaming ganun ano na — ganun kabastos pati ganung kasama.

So they have to deal with it. They really… The way we should be dealing with.

They gave us the violence. I have to give it to them. If they give us — start beheading people, then I will start beheading people. That’s the only way. I have to return the favor because lamangan mo sila, ah mahirap ‘yan.

Kaya nung nagsabi sila noon, “They are here to die for Allah.” And so, I said, “The soldiers, they are here to die for our country.” Tabla lang. Kung sino lang mauna sa atin dito.

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You cannot have an edge just because you are loud in your proclamations — mas gusto mo pumatay for after all, death is destiny. When it comes, it will come and there’s nobody who can prevent it. ‘Yun ang…

Ang problema dito, I’ll give us any other time, maybe better tonight that there’s so many implications.

I have stopped immediately, the other night, talking to the communists.

I will… I don’t know what kind of legal fiat I should use — a proclamation, executive order or something — terminating the talks with the communists and sabi ko, “Away na lang tayo.”

So the Philippines would be very busy fighting the fronts of terrorism, drugs and itong NPA.

My job is to make the Armed Forces very strong. Tutal ang weapons naman na kailangan ko, hindi naman ‘yung mga ICBM. I do not need the rockets, multiple launchers or grenades and maybe and all these things. But I need new guns so that they can fire accurately.

But I lean more now to China and Russia. I said I have nothing against the — Trump. Kung ibigay nila, okay lang. Pero kung i-dilly-dally nila and time is of the essence, by mid-year next year, kung hindi pa magdating, I must have, I must get hold of that…

Simple lang, we are fighting a rebellion. All I need is the small bombers, not the jet because magastos masyado sa gasolina. The operating costs are very huge.

Dito lang ako sa propeller-driven. If we can get it from Brazil or — and ‘yung attack helicopters. They are scheduled to be delivered next year. So that would be the redeeming factor of our lack of the equipment now.

But I must get hold of the rifles and… because I am training 20,000 more for the Army and I think I have at present also something like seven battalions of the SAF. The SAF fundamentally is a police force dedicated to address urban terrorism.

There’s a new development here. Kasi kung ito labanan lang in the open field, mahusay tayo diyan. Perfect ang ating training diyan.

Ang problema, with the advent of terrorism kagaya sa Middle East, it took them several years to take back the territories. Ang Raqqa was recovered only last week, meron pang pocket resistance.

So ‘yung nandun ako sa ASEAN, I was presiding but I was extremely proud to be greeted with so many accolades, congratulations because, they said, “mahusay ang mga army ko”.

Talagang mahusay naman ‘to. They’ve been fighting for 50 years of the insurgency.

All their life, itong nakalusot na buhay, sanay ito. From the enlistment, corporal, hanggang maging sergeant ‘yan sila, lieutenant, whatever, sanay ‘yan sila sa away, lalo na sa gapangan sa mga forestal.

Pero dito ngayon pagka, for example, they would decide to do it in — Davao na lang kasi ‘wag na ano ‘yung iba — and they are able to capture a district and are able also to place themselves properly.

The cover is semento pati bakal. And ‘yung doong away sa ano, ganun ang nangyari. So we would need breaching the — RR is very good, it’s just a big one, it’s an old model. ‘Yung repeating…

Pero ang kailangan nila… That’s really my problem. Hindi masyado ‘yung development.

Itong droga, I really do not know. But honestly as any Cabinet member would tell you — the start dumidistansiya ako diyan. Ipapakita ko lang sa kanila and it’s not a guesswork.

Sabi ko kung maglayo tayo, give it to PDEA and there is a slowdown of drug activities and even in the number of addicts, then we will admit that I was wrong.

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But you know, I have to hit the big ones. Ngayon, wala akong accurate reading of whether the drug problem has increased or decreased.

I will know maybe when I ask them but truly hindi ako nakikialam diyan. That’s why I’m surprised why itong left pati itong mga political, EJK, EJK.

Wala naman akong inutos na… I just kept my silence all the while. Hinayaan ko na lang but they are using it as a political propaganda but that settles here the release of my…

Remember that when I ran, I had practically nobody to back me up. But I made simple promises, messaging. Corruption, drugs pati itong talking to the enemies of the state.

Ang problema dito sa Mindanao ganito, MNLF has been consistently with us. Nur has his friendship, trust in me and I can say that I hack it.

MI… We are going there Monday. [Was it Monday?] They are having an assembly. They are still professing to wait for the government to act.

‘Pag itong dalawang mainstream who are still with us, or at least in sentiment or by sentiment, ‘pag ito ang hindi nabigyan ng hinihingi nila and they will open a front for another round of revolution, this time, they will entertain lahat na. The Abu Sayyaf, the Middle East terrorist, ganun ’yan eh.

Kung sino ‘yung kalaban mo, kaibigan ko ‘yan. Kaya medyo ma-ano ito, careful talaga ako dito even in my pronouncements.

But I want you to know and maybe spoil your dinner along the way, na ‘pag hindi ito napagbigyan, I guarantee you, as Bebot and the rest of the Mindanao guys would tell you: There will be trouble in Mindanao.

Sigurado ‘yan. As sure as the sun will rise in the east, it will come. At marami na ito and maybe brutal.

So kung hindi natin pwedeng ipasok ‘yung — hindi natin ipasok ‘yung federalism, I suggest that we make another proposal.

Ang nakita ko ang pinakamadali is just to give them the autonomy like Hong Kong.

Hayaan niyo na sila. Just reconfigure the territories there and batas na lang dahan-dahan tayo — administratively. We can do it administratively. Pero ‘yung dagdag- dagdag — by law na lang.

Or if it hit a snag dito sa Constitution, then we will tell them, we will come up with the amendments later para mawala ang… Autonomous Hong Kong. Autonomous Mindanao.

Maybe you can concede to Misuari pero mag-revolt itong si… Nandito ba si Celso Lobregat?

Pati si ano — gugulo rin talaga eh. Hindi ‘yan papayag ‘yung mga sila but I don’t know. If it’s just as a matter of I said reconfiguring administratively then to follow ‘yung batas, maybe we can postpone or  transfer to another day the fracture of Mindanao. ‘Yan lang ang ma-suggest ko. Pero I said, we have to rearm. We have to give to the Armed Forces all that the needed tools to fight a war.

At saka itong komunista, sabi ko, I will treat them as terrorists. Babawiin ko ‘yung legal entity of the Communist Party of the Philippines that we are having officially talks. Kasi nagsawa na ako dito sa kanila.

And there are things which they are asking from me, which I cannot give because it is not mine. Kaibigan kami noon. Pamulitika ‘yan eh. Mayor, boto lang ‘yan eh.

You go to the mountains and so they would say so many things. I say, “I cannot do anything, I’m just a mayor. If it has something to do with my city, I’ll do it for you. No problem.”

Do not — basta hindi lang madadamay ‘yung siyudad ko. Pero ako ngayon, hingian mo ng mga ganitong concession. I cannot barter with the higher interest of the country.

Ngayon sumusobra sila. They said stand down, ganun, sila Dureza pati si Bello. Sabi ko kagabi sa kanila, “sabihin mo sa kanila b*** s***. Ayaw ko na.”

They keep on ambushing my soldiers — everyday. Ngayong araw na ito, I would lose about five. Mga pulis ko pag-uwi sa bahay pinapatay. Maski ‘yung sundalo walang armas except the rifles.

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But when they go out of the camps, wala na ‘yang sila, stripped na ‘yan. [inaudible] Siguro wallet. That’s why I have started giving sidearms to the Army.

Sabi ko, “Manabla na lang kayo.” And for those who were assigned in places where there is really extremely — exceedingly violent world — sabi ko sa kanila, “bigyan ko kayong lahat.”

I’ll give you three magazines. Itong magazines you use it after you’re exhausted with the M16’s, the rifles. Pagkaubos niyang dalawang magazine ninyo, the last magazine is for you.

‘Wag kang mag-surrender, ‘wag mong ibigay ‘yang baril mo buhay. Mag-surrender ka, they will treat you like a dog and humiliate you to no end.

At the end of the day, they will decapitate you in front of the camera. That is not the way how a soldier should die. ‘Pag wala ka ng ano kakainin ninyo ‘yang barrel, then raise your right hand and said, “F*** you, guys.” Ganyan ang order ko sa kanila.

Kanina, ‘wag mong ibigay ‘yang… Ibinibigay ko sa inyo ‘yan because I awarded ‘yung mga unang batch sa Marawi. All the wounded and the — naka Gold Cross — binigyan ko lahat.

Sabi ko, “Bata, ‘wag mong ibigay ‘yan sa kalaban pati itong mga NPAs.” Ang NPA na nga mag-aral na lang sila kay Secretary — Velas — Evasco. [laughter]

Totoo. [inaudible] From Leyte ito silang dalawang ni Tizon, dalawang pari, pumunta ng Mindanao. And I knew it because they were using the house of my mother as their conference [inaudible].

Eh may pagka ano ‘yung nanay ko eh. Kita mong magkaibigan nga kami ng mga ‘yan. Itong si Secretary Velasco — si Evasco. I was a prosecutor at that time, hinuhuli ‘tong dalawang pari. Gusto talagang ganunin ni Estares, General.

Sabi ko… Eh ako ‘yung inquest. During the time of Marcos, if there was a necessity of an inquest kaagad. Hindi naman ganoon kasama talaga si Marcos eh. So nandoon kami. Buti’t naabutan kong buhay. Sabi, patayin talaga. Sabi ko, “Pari ‘yan, g*** ba kayo?”

Ayon. So naabutan ng declaration sa amnesty. So lahat ‘yan silang mga nakakulong pati ‘yung asawa nila [Vid de Vera?], pumunta sa akin.

I was the one prosecuting them in court. And they said, “Bigyan mo kaming trabaho. Wala man kaming trabaho.” Then na-release sila. Binigyan ko ng trabaho.

Kaya naging issue tuloy ‘yung komunista ako. Paano ako maging komunista na prosecutor ako? ‘Yan ang istorya.

Pero ito, there has lessons to be learned along the way. ‘Yan ang NPA. So bantayan na lang natin ‘yan. Assassination to assassination ito.

Pero sabi ko, ‘pag ginawa ng NPA ‘yan, ang violence to the level of the martial law years na I use about five, six policemen a day.

Sabagay I will declare them a terrorist organization. Maybe I will sign the — I don’t know kung anong — paano gawain ni Bingbong ‘yan.

Ayaw ko na. Ayaw ko na. They are too scheming and akala mo mas bright sa iyo. Alam mo kung bakit takot ‘yan sila? Mayroon dito — p***** i** mga ‘yan.

“Duterte, pasista.” “Berdugo”. “EJK”. Blah, blah, blah, blah. “Corrupt”. O ‘di sabi ko, “If I am corrupt, if I am a killer, extrajudicial killing, the fact I am is what you say all of me, then why talk to me?”

Eh ‘di maghanap ka nang hindi corrupt. ‘Yung hindi pumapatay ng tao kasi ako talagang papatayin ko.

Ito namang — let’s have dinner. Hindi last, droga. Hindi ako nakikialam ngayon pero ang order ko naman is really very clear and it admits of no debate. I said do not destroy my country because I will kill you. Do not destroy the youth because talagang papatayin kita.

Alam mo kami mahirap lang. Hindi naman tayo puro mayaman. If you believe me, fine. If you don’t, okay lang. But maybe tayo dito we have a — except for the soldiers — mas malaki ang pera natin ‘pag tumanda tayo.

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Me? I can stay in the hospital for mga within two years to stretch it. And that will be my pension and everything.

But after that, I have to pray that I have to die. Itong, itong sila, how much an average soldier, policeman, a government employee, ilan lang ang sweldo nila? Ilan lang ang kanilang pension pati retirement?

Eh kadagdag ko lang ng 1,000 ngayon kasi ang medisina ninyo — when you reach 50, pasok na lahat ‘yan — hypertension, high blood, diabetes, kidney, lahat na.

So ang atin nito it’s a race over time for the poor na makatapos kaagad ‘yung mga anak nila para the same ano… They will take care of them and — they would take care of you when you get old.

Ang problema kung gawain mo itong kagaya ng… Ako, magprangka ako sa inyo, in the Middle East. Once the family leaves the family home, that home, that family, is dysfunctional. Ganoon ‘yan.

‘Pag ang tatay naka-deploy sa Kuwait, ‘yung iba doon sa Saudi Arabia o Libya, wala na ‘yang pamilya na ‘yan.

Iniiwan lang ang mga bata sa lola, sa lolo, pinsan. Ang itong mga… Itong mga shabu dealers, hinahanap nila niyan kung sino ‘yung mga bata na may regular remittances, may pera.

‘Yun talaga ang — they rub their finger hanggang magbigay ‘yung bata. ‘Yang kita mo naman. It’s not new to him or to me, it’s universal.

They are only given three, four hours of sleep. Pinapakain ng basura. In the Arab culture, whether you are a slave or pig in their service, sexual abuse is always there. Kaya prevalent ‘yang pills. Automatic ‘yan. Gagamitin ‘yan ng head of the family, anak, brother-in-law, mga pinsan.

And ‘yung mga… They suffered the degradation, the destruction of your self-esteem, dignity, just to scrape money to send to the Philippines so that their children can study at may pagkain kasi ‘yung lolo’t lola wala man rin mga trabaho.

Tapos ganunin niyo ang Pilipino. You know, whether it is a pretended sentiment dahil Presidente ako, pulitiko ako, t*** i**, ‘pag ginanun mo ang Pilipino, talagang papatayin kita.

Hindi tayo mag-usap diyan sa… Anyway, my order to the police hindi ko man… I never ordered, “Sergeant Santos to kill Mr. Pimentel diyan”.

My order is to the police and to the army is to destroy the shabu industry. Wala ako doon sa maliliit, ‘yung sabi na mahirap. Now, why?

Sabi nila, “Itong si Duterte, bakit p***** i** ‘yung mahihirap ang namamatay?”

Look, s*****. Ang market ng shabu ang mahirap. Shabu is never sold in Forbes Park, in Dasmariñas, para lang ‘yan sa mga mayaman ‘yung cocaine.

Ang market ng shabu ‘yun ‘yang sa mga mahihirap. Those who can afford P200 per sachet. Times it for six, that’s about mga 16,000. You times it by 12, I peg it at 3 million, ‘yung figure ni Santiago noon, never mind ‘yung akin, ‘yung 1.6 million.

And it was not only when I was President nung lumabas ito lahat, and you saw it by the hundreds of thousands surrendering.

Kung talagang Pilipino, hayaan mo lang ganun? And you listen to these bleeding hearts of government?

Well, I can go to prison. The h*** I care. After I retire, hihiritan kita, sabihin ko, “May kwarto doon, punta na ako.”

You do not do that to the Filipino people. Hindi ako papayag ng ganun. At least, during my term, do not do it because you will place your life in jeopardy.

Ang binibira ka kung… Eh sabi nga nila, “Where’s the small fish? Where’s the big fish?” O andiyan, andiyan sa mga mahihirap ‘yan.

But you know, shabu, by itself, it is organized crime all the way. You cannot have a shabu business if it is not organized.

Meron kang tiga-luto, either kunin mo diyan sa high seas, hinuhulog ng mga son of a b**** itong… Pipickupin (pick-up) ng mga sindikato, the lieutenants, then distributors, then the basurero. Basurero ‘yung sa baba, peddlers.

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Kung wala ‘yung peddlers, paralyzed ‘yang lieutenants. Wala silang mabigyan to do the distribution.

Kung wala naman ‘yang mga distributors, o walang tiga-luto, wala ring trabaho ‘to. It is always an organized crime.

The law says, “If it is a conspiracy and there is a crime as a result of that conspiracy, it is organized. And the act of one is the act of all.”

So the liability of the basurero is almost the same as the Chinese who are cooking it somewhere and throwing a jettison diyan sa dagat.

Ngayon, ang batas… My purpose, my oath of office says I have to enforce the law against all, whether you are a rich guy or a poor guy.

If you happen to be there, caught in the crossfire, pasensya. It’s my job. I cannot select criminals whom I could say, “Ah, ‘wag ‘yan kasi mahirap ‘yan. Ito, okay ito kasi mayaman.”

It is the law. I force the law against all. Tanggapin mo ang batas ‘pag ganyan. So ganun lang — ganun.

Abugado ako eh, prosecutor ako. What do you expect me to do? Just because you are poor you… ‘Yung mga bata — eh ‘yung mga bata ginagamit nila, kaya everytime may distributor na lumalabas ng gabi, may bata ‘yan. Kasi ‘yung bata, ‘yun ‘yan ang runner nila.

Every time mahuli ‘yan, ang police, no questions asked, “Ilang taon ka?” ‘Pag sabi, “Katorse,” Bibitawan ‘yan.

And they do not even go to the police station for recording purposes or even a lecture of what accountability means to a citizen of this country.
Ganun. Nandito si Kiko Pangilinan? Kasi kung nandito, kausapin kita sandali. If there is one single person dito sa Pilipinas who has caused this miserable situation, Kiko Pangilinan.

I cannot just criticize him na basta-basta nalang kasi may utang na loob ako sa kanya. Alam mo, ‘yang anak kong si Inday, Lam pa noon, first wife. Eh ‘di isang babae lang.

Minsan nag-birthday ‘yan. Sabi ko, “Day, ano ang gusto mo sa birthday mo? Sabi niya, “Pa, gusto ko—“ Idol niya si Sharon e. “Gusto ko sabay kami ni Sharon magkain.”

So kinausap ko si Kiko. Sabi ko, “Alam mo, kasi ikaw may anak ka mang babae, eh siyempre mahal mo, can you and I…?” Pumayag, so nandoon silang dalawa.

Wala akong masabi kay Kiko Pangilinan personally but he fell short of what ought to be an ideal legislator.

Kasi binaba nila nang binaba from below nine, above nine, below twelve, above twelve, below sixteen, ‘yung Indeterminate Sentence Law. Saan lang i-apply ‘yung bata, ganun.

They began or he began to tinker of it and he copied what is very similar to the State of Washington Juvenile Offenders Act or ‘yung sa New York. Halos pareho eh.

But he did not provide for the interventions after the arrest na sana ‘pag nahuli ‘yung bata automatic he goes to a [inaudible] run by government and by the social workers, and the psychologist, and the sociologist kung meron.

Wala. ‘Pag mag-huli dito o kaya ‘pag sabi niya, “Ilng taon ka?” ‘Yung iba, nagdadala ng — birth certificate. Naka-laminate pa eh ‘pag ganun, ah wala na.

At alam mo ang pulis mas takot sa kriminal magkakaso. Ang pulis, ordinaryong pulis, ‘pag nagkakaso ‘yan kinabukasan suspended ‘yan, wala ng pagkain sa mesa ‘yan.

Ang mga anak niyan has to stop to go to — wala ng pamasahe. Kaya ang pulis noon, sabi nila, “bakit noon walang patayan?” Eh p*… Eh dito sa akin, sinabi ko talaga, accompanied — all of them diyan sa — across the Pasig.

“T*** i**, magtrabaho kayo kasi alam ko. I know because I have been mayor for 22 years, do not f*** with me. Do your job.”

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Kaya ‘yun. Tapos lumabas na ‘yung mga generals. Sabi ko, “Give me all the available data. Huwag ninyong taguin.” So ‘yan, lumabas ‘yung mga generals doon. So I had to fire them left and right.

Kaya maraming galit sa akin. Marami talagang galit sa akin. But sinabi ko, I go back to my basic promise: There will be no corruption and there will be no corruption, itataya ko ang honor ko diyan pati buhay ko.

‘Yang drugs na ‘yan, if it fails or if it succeeds now, I will be there to finish it off. At least on the third, fourth year, mawala ‘yan.

Even if I have to kill, I will kill. Ayan sa mga ganyan… Hindi naman ‘yang kill na literally maghanap ka lang nang patayin.

But I will order you, before I leave the government, the shabu industry must be destroyed.

Wala tayong patawad diyan. Wala ‘yang human rights, wala ‘yan. Si Gascon, ah wala ‘yan, sipain ko pa ‘yan. Wala, nakikialam sa kanya. [inaudible]

Is there something wrong with the statement that, “If you destroy my country, I’ll kill you?”

Is there a law which says I cannot say it in public? Is there a law which says “destroy the shabu industry?” Is it a crime to give an order like that?

Ako basta… Ako, trabaho lang. Okay na ako. Okay na ako. Wala na akong… Na-abot ko na lahat. No more mountains to climb, no more oceans to swim.

Ako, basta maghintay na lang ako. But before that, I will comply with my… Huwag lang sana itong komunista mag… Gagamitin talaga isip nila. Because I will look for a way, itong mga bayan ito lahat sila, there will be…

Walang Revolutionary Government, walang… I will ensure to you that I can enforce the law by just using the way that we are being run now.

Huwag niyo na lang sobrahan kasi what you can do, I will do. If you start to assassinate people, mga gobyerno, I will give you the same.

Magkagulo tayo, so be it. So be it. Wala akong problema diyan.

At the end of the day, after my term, I would say, I tried my best. I failed and I am sorry.

But if I succeed, I will just say “Salamat sa pag-intindi niyo sa akin.”

Thank you. [applause]”

Source and courtesy of Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) – Presidential News Desk | Photo from Lord Allan Velasco Facebook Page

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