5 Marinduque white beaches you probably never heard of

Here are the five white beaches in the province of Marinduque that you never or less heard of.

1. Natangco Island

Natangco Island in Silangan, Mogpog, Marinduque

A protected marine sanctuary, Natangco Island is part of Barangay Silangan, Mogpog, Marinduque. Surrounded by 30 to 40 feet deep fringing reefs excellent for diving and snorkeling. The island can be reached by rented boats from Barangay Ino and Barangay Balanacan. The island boasts a strip of white sand beach, pristine and clear waters and rocky island formations off its coast.

2. Banot Island

Banot Island in Botilao, Santa Cruz, Marinduque

Not to be confused with Barangay Banot of Gasan, Banot Island is under the territorial jurisdiction of Barangay Botilao in Santa Cruz. It has an estimated terrain of 30 meters above sea level and still remains untouched by most of tourists in the province. It is also twinned to its larger island, Hakupan.

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3. Hakupan Island

Hakupan Island in Botilao, Santa Cruz, Marinduque

Hakupan Island is just about 4.5 hectares in size in the northern part of Marinduque, and is under the jurisdiction of Barangay Botilao in Santa Cruz. Dotted with lush mangrove forests, it is only 20 minutes away from Botilao wharf. A strip of white sand beach is also present in the island and is gaining popularity among tourists.

4. Salomague Island

Salomague Island in Suha, Torrijos, Marinduque

Politically under Barangay Suha, Torrijos and shared geographically with Santa Cruz, Salomague Island, also spelled as Salomagui, and also called as Bongo Island, is a jump-off point for scuba diving. Lesser is known about the island but the island is part of the Marinduque Mangrove Swamp Forest Reserves.

5. San Andres Island

San Andres Island in Silangan, Mogpog, Marinduque

The uninhabited island of San Andres in Silangan, Mogpog is rich in marine life below. The island is swim-away from the white sand coast of the village. There are numerous rock shelters and forest areas on the northern side of this island that is kept untapped and untouched by human settlers.Marinduquenews.com

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