7 Marinduque Battles and War Incidents

The struggle for independence had brought Marinduque to several uprisings and two war victories, giving the province the limelight chased by both local and foreign historians. Here are 7 Marinduque battles and war incidents you should know and be aware of.

Battle of Libas

Little is known about this Japanese-period battle held in an unknown and untraceable site in Barangay Libas. Some people regard a spacious pastureland to be the site of this battle.

Balanacan Bombing

It was on November 25, 1944 when Bombing Squadron 18 (VB-18) flying SB2C-1 Planes, torpedo Squadron 18 (VT-18) flying TBM1-C Planes and Fighter squadron 18 (VF-18) flying F6F-5 Hellcats from the US Carrier Intrepid (CV-11) found and destroyed the Japanese fast transports T.6 and T10 and damaged fast transport T.9 and the escort destroyer take off an island at Balanacan Harbor, Mogpog.

Battle of Massiquise

Up to the present, no study has been made on the origin of “Pulang Lupa” as a place-name which only first appeared on a historical account made by Ramon Madrigal. It is often regarded to as Battle of Massiquisie, in a rice field at the present-day barangay of Masaguisi, where an encounter really happened on September 13, 1900.

Battle of Paye

Battle of Paye Historical Site in Balimbing, Boac, Marinduque.

Marinduque marks the Battle of Paye Day on July 31 which commemorates the revolutionary struggle on the island in 1900 during the Philippine-American War. The Paye episode was described as a “skirmish” in American journals (Wells). Local accounts refer to it as a “battle”. Paye is a sitio of Brgy. Balimbing in Boac’s Ilaya-side.

Battle of Santa Cruz

An ascent to the town, led by Major Charles F. Muir, employed a ‘bush tactic’ or ‘Indian attack’ against Revolutionaries on May 19, 1900. Six Filipinos died which eventually led to the surrender of Gov. Martin Lardizabal to the American government.

Battle of Bintakay

It all happened in June 7, 1897 when Spanish forces collided with an armed group led by Basilio Mendez who employed bamboo cannons and rocks as their attack and defense weapons.

Battle of Kinyaman

The first resistance during the Spanish time was made in March 18, 1897 when Capt. Herminigildo Flores a.k.a. “Kapitan Bindoy”, took Santa Cruz from Capt. Mariano Ricaplaza. Kapitan Bindoy established a provisional revolutionary government in the municipality but it was short-lived. Marinduquenews.com

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