MIMAROPA to World Leaders: Strong Climate Deal, Please

The Regional Development Council of Mimaropa has adopted a resolution
that seeks to ‘globalize the resolve of the archipelagic region
to address the ill-effects of climate change | Photo: Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – With the Paris climate talks nearing, Region IV-B or Mimaropa is calling on world leaders to agree on a strong climate change agreement to reduce carbon emissions.

Eleuterio Raza Jr, Marinduque provincial planning and development officer, said in a press statement that the region has beautiful islands that lures local and foreign tourists, but such natural attractions are vulnerable to climate change.

“Our sustainable tourism industry and lives of our people are greatly threatened by extreme weather conditions,” Raza said.

In December, Paris will host global climate talks that will gather representatives from all over the world to discuss how to combat climate change. At the end of the two-week conference, an agreement is expected to be finalized.

The agreement involves how countries could stop the Earth from warming by more than 2°C. The Philippines will be part of these talks.

Mimaropa plea

The Regional Development Council of Mimaropa – composed of the Mindoro provinces, Marinduque, Romblon, and Palawan – adopted a resolution calling on countries responsible for “spewing large amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere” to take the lead in striking a deal to reduce carbon emissions.

The resolution aims to “globalize the resolve of the archipelagic region to address the ill-effects of climate change,” according to Romeo Escandor, Jr, National Economic and Development Authority regional director.

“We aim to build disaster resilient communities and push economic growth under the principles sustainable development goals, however, our dreams and aspirations for the future generation needs global collective action,” said Escandor.

Aside from reducing emissions, the resolutions call on governments to implement mechanisms on climate finance in the context of loss and damage, adaptation, mitigation, technology transfer, and capacity building for countries most vulnerable to climate change.

In 2013, the Philippines was named as the country most affected by climate change.

The region’s initiative is in support of the climate campaign “Road to Paris” launched by the Climate Reality Project (CRP), a movement founded by Nobel laureate and former US vice president Al Gore.

The CRP aims to mobilize grassroots communities, urging them to participate in the climate change conversation.

Mimaropa is home to the beautiful Verde Island Passage, pristine beaches, and is known for its rich marine and terrestrial biodiversity.

“Our main thrust for development has been environmentally and culturally sensitive. We may have an iota of carbon emission compared to others but we need to seek climate justice and walk the talk,”
Raza said.

The region’s resolution will be given to the Climate Change Commission, then sent to the secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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