Of New Beginnings and a Fresh Start

Every year is marked by a special event that may embark a special place in every student’s mind. Apparently, this year, Marinduque National High School (MNHS) made the perfect first impression to students, teachers, and other teaching personnel to have our school a special place in their hearts.

As a 10th grade student in MNHS, I’ve been through three previous school openings from the same school. But never have I ever experienced the same buss of excitement from students as well as myself. One could tell already from the first step on the school grounds that many things have magnificently improved. The hallways were spotless; the sidewalks were clean; the lawn was mowed short; and unfamiliar yet kind faces now roam the grounds. It was truly a great atmosphere to kick-start a year full of hopes, dreams, and challenges.

What made it more special is that right after our flag ceremony was an interesting announcement that we will have a new principal, current Officer-in-Charge, Dr. Elvin Perla’s. For me, that was amazing news because I get to experience 3 years’ worth of Dr. Perla’s’ leadership before I graduate.

After our flag ceremony was over, freshmen and seniors were warmly welcomed to our school with remarkable greetings and were briefly informed by a few school guidelines. As the hours of our first day in class passed, all the hype of the students never seemed to have died down. With complete learning materials, newly-painted armchairs, and flourished rooms, school never became more enjoyable for me. Eventually, everyone became more excited to meet fresh faces from various schools and sections. Especially now that senior high makes a breakthrough to our school and so does new students.

It is heart-warming to see our school come alive with new beginnings on the very first day of school. It brings a calming vibe around that promises this year and the following to be filled with lots of new ideas, friends, inspirations, and the extraordinary experience of high school. (Charis Montalba, MNHS)

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