APO mobilizes to aid Marinduque schools and community

BOAC, Marinduque – Members of Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Mandin Alumni Association No. 118 have gone around the island heart of the Philippines to help schools and the community as part of their Four Folds Program of Service.

Dubbed as ‘Kalinga ng APO’, Alpha Phi Omega, a service oriented college based fraternity and sorority handed out coupon bonds, disposable and washable facemasks, foot baths, alcohols, tissue papers, liquid sanitizers, soaps, disinfectants, and faceshields to the following recipients: Municipality of Boac, Poras Elementary School, Bantay Elementary School, Cawit National High School, Marinduque State College, Bantay Barangay Council, Tabi Barangay Council. Municipality of Mogpog: Butansapa Elementary School, Balanacan National High School, Balanacan Elementary School, Argao Elementary School. Municipality of Gasan: Pangi Elementary School and Gasan Central School.

Plans were also laid in the table to conduct a relief operation to mostly affected community and sector amidst the worsening state of public health.

‘Do A Good Turn Daily’ is the slogan of Boy Scouts where Alpha Phi Omega was patterned. Members of APO, ensure to live by the said commitment.

“Nothing compares to the joy of helping others,” said Engr. Ramon Larga, President, APO Mandin Alumni Association.

On a separate interview, Dr. Romulo A. Bacorro, Jr., vice governor of the province of Marinduque and member of Alpha Phi Omega reiterates, “as an APO we should live by our noble traditions being a service fraternity and sorority. The greatness of freedom lies in service.”

Meanwhile, APO plans to partner with the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office for the mangrove reforestation project and massive bamboo and tree planting activities. Marinduquenews.com

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