How to Contribute Articles, Photos, and Videos

How to Contribute Articles, Photos, and Videos

Marinduque News Network is open for contributions of articles, photos, and videos of anything about Marinduque.

What could be the content of your contribution? Your story, photo, or video may feature any of the following:
1. events (town fiesta, festival, beauty pageants, etc.)
2. food and other popular town products
3. destinations
4. people (stories of success and inspiration)
5. other interesting stories about your town
6. your own blog (personal stories or experiences you want to share and is worthy of being published online)
Photo and video contributions must have a short description including when and where it was taken.
Articles with your own photos are highly encouraged. If photo comes from another source, indicate proper credit.
Send in your story, photo, or video to and start showing the world what Marinduque is all about!

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