Marinduque now has local-based organic farming assessors

BOAC, Marinduque – Two Marinduque-based Organic Agriculture Production (OAP) NCII assessors are the newest addition to the island’s growing list of organic agriculture professionals.

Since its launch in November 2017, the AGREA Farm School has been “importing” Organic Agriculture Production (OAP) NCII assessors from other regional TESDA offices and private agencies from neighbor provinces Mindoro and Laguna.

The newest Marinduque-based OAP NCII assessors, Laurito Morales and Erdie Mistal, are also former scholars and graduates of the AGREA Farm School.

AGREA’s Organic Agriculture Production (OAP NCII) course is supported by the TESDA Marinduque Provincial Office under the Training for Work Scholarship Program. OAP NCII is a national level technical-vocational qualification consisting of competencies that a person must achieve in order to produce organic farm products such as chicken and vegetables, including the production of organic supplements such as fertilizers, concoctions and extracts, as well as raising organic hogs.

Like all technical-vocational assessors in the country, organic farming assessors seek to determine whether the graduate or worker can perform to the standards expected in the workplace based on the defined organic farming competency standards. An Organic Agriculture Production National Certification is provided to those who meets the competency standards.

“OAP NCII assessments at the AGREA Farm School are now more accessible as we have local assessors to assist us,” said Rafael Seño, Training Director of the AGREA Farm School and Assessment Center in Marinduque.

“The availability of local organic farming assessors ensures timely, productive, quality, and global competitiveness of organic farmers and workers,” added Rafael Seño.

In December 2018, 159 OAP NCII scholars graduated from the AGREA Farm School.

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