Mayor Carrion’s Executive Development Agenda for 2019-2022

Boac Mayor Armi Carrion laid out her Executive Development Agenda for 2019-2022 in Municipal Development Council (MDC) Meeting on Thursday, July 4.

Addressing the council during the MDC meeting, Mayor Carrion said her agenda is anchored on the welfare goals of the Local Government Code, which would not be achieved without the cooperation of the Sanggunian, municipal government workers, barangay officials, NGOs and the people.

Carrion disclosed that her administration will focus on the following:

Administrative Reform
Formation of eight (8) Cluster Administration that will provide the services of the municipality to barangays

Revenue Generation and Resource Outsourcing
Resource mobilization outside of the municipality tapping various individuals, sectors and organizations that can facilitate in the uplifting of economic activities 

Medical Services and Facilities
Each Cluster will have a standby emergency vehicle or ambulance in case of emergencies.

Medical Health personnel will be deployed in each Barangay Health Center.
Re-establish and operationalize botika sa barangay that could provide immediate medical needs of the community.

Investment Promotion, Direction and Incentives
Strengthen Private Sector partnership to facilitate the promotion and influx of investors in our municipality.

Provision of incentives and assists the business community in synergy with the Municipal Comprehensive Land and Water Use Plan. 

Ten Points Agenda

1) Appropriate budget and authorize the Barangays to implement their respective programs and projects based on their assessed needs.

2) Sectoral management of economic enterprises of the municipality through the Municipal Local Economic and Investment and Promotions Officer.

3) Revisit and amend existing Municipal Ordinances and Resolutions focused on the concerns of the various sectors ie tricycle drivers, fisher folks and business owners.

4) Organize and/or strengthen the existing cooperatives of the various sectors (farmers, fisher folks, small entrepreneurs) and provide readily available funds;

5) Provision of additional funds for Senior Citizens, Scholarships for the Youth and free assistance for malnourished children in the barangay;

6) Provision of livelihood projects for house-husband and additional income for women that are home-based.

7) Provision of livelihood activities and/or business in relation to tourism.

8) Installation of satellite tiangge or market in each cluster to maintain and lower the price of products.

9) Installation of cold storage facility for the preservation of the produce of the farmers and fisherfolks.

10) Provision of livelihood activities for the affected families of Marcopper Mining Disaster and continuous advocacy against the mining operation.


A God-centered, empowered, healthy citizenry, proud of their heritage and identity as globally competitive Marinduquenos, living peacefully in a self-sustaining tourism-oriented community with a vibrant local economy under a responsive, transparent an accountable government.


To develop competent, accountable, and pro-active civil servants committed to support and involve the community pursuing sustainable development that harnesses the natural, human, and fiscal resources and ensuring a well-coordinated delivery of efficient and effective basic social services sensitive of people’s culture and heritage.

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