Mogpog dreams, achieves

MOGPOG, Marinduque – The modernization trend, which is evident in the several structures rising in different parts of the country, had caught up with a humble but idyllic place in Marinduque.

A world-class “green” building will rise within Mogpog Central School (MCS) through a collaborative effort of teachers, parents and the local government within a 200-square meter area.

Spearheaded by the MCS Alumni Association, Inc. ( MCSAAi) officers and members with the support of teachers and students, the building will be a gift to the people of Mogpog and the Island of Marinduque.

The project is the biggest, most ambitious of the MCSAAi yet, organized less than a year ago, to inspire a sense of renewal and competitiveness among the residents of the town and the province.

During the building’s groundbreaking, the school’s alumni also held a “Family Fun Daze” event, a momentous milestone marking the school’s first-ever sportsfest. The smiles on the children’s faces mirror learning spiced with the element of fun.

The green building’s structure will be designed to efficiently use energy and water, while it will be partially powered by solar energy.

It will also feature pollution and waste reduction systems that allow for recycling of waste materials.

Also the characters of the revolutionary edifice are the circulation of natural air quality and the consideration of the environment in its design and construction.

Adaptation to a changing environment will also be part of its design. The purpose and layout of the building are both oriented to encouraging students to achieve their potentials.

The expansive ground floor of the building envisions the a modern cafeteria, the second floor will have a full-floored library as a way to encourage students to embrace books and the habit of reading, while the third floor will feature a play area complete with interactive games and recreation facilities to improve students’ active faculties and hone technological skills.

A multi-purpose social hall will be housed at the fourth floor where a theater room and mini offices will be located.

Set the goal and make it happen — goes the motto that leads to the realization of the progressive MCSAAi project.

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